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Guile and Ken :icongmustang94:GMustang94 2 3 Chrono Cross Guile in Kamina Shades :icongmustang94:GMustang94 5 5 Chrono Cross Draggy Stamp :icongmustang94:GMustang94 6 2 Chrono Cross Guile Stamp :icongmustang94:GMustang94 3 3
Chrono Cross Fellowship ch13
CHAPTER 13: Guilt and Remorse
"Guile, can you stand up and walk?" Yoshino asked, releasing Guile from her embrace. "I'm afraid that my grandma doesn't know where we are."
"I'll do my best," Guile replied. Slowly, he rose to a sitting position, wincing and groaning painfully as he struggled to sit upright. Beads of blood oozed from the three huge gashes on the right side of his chest as he moved.
"Don't worry if you can't!" Yoshino spoke in a concerned tone. "Just wait here. I'll call my grandma for help."
"I can do it," Guile muttered as he placed his hands on the ground. Pushing himself up with his arms, he managed to get up soon. He was now standing in a stooped position.
Looking at this, Yoshino immediately stood up, thinking of helping Guile. She grabbed Guile's right forearm, allowing his entire arm to wrap around the back of her neck and drape down her right shoulder. With her left hand, she held Guile on his left side to provide him a support. Fortunately, h
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Chrono Cross Fellowship Guile - Arc 2 Concept Art :icongmustang94:GMustang94 3 5 Chrono Cross Fellowship Guile :icongmustang94:GMustang94 3 6
Chrono Cross Fellowship ch12
CHAPTER 12: Brave Heart
Guile let out a battle cry, throwing a straight punch at the empty air.
Further beside him, Akira watched and commented, "Ah, no wonder your elbow hurts. You're stretching your arm too hard. You know; punching like that too often can also hurt your shoulder."
"Do you have any suggestions then?" Guile asked.
"Don't keep performing a straight punch," Akira suggested, clenching his hands. "Try something else. Or maybe just jab your foe." He extended his left arm quickly, rotating to the point his knuckles went from vertical alignment to horizontal. "Jabbing isn't very powerful, but your elbow is safe. Besides, it's fast. Try doing some."
Guile threw a few jabs at the empty air with both of his hands. Akira was correct; his arms did not hurt even a bit as he punched.
"You learn fast, Guile!" Akira remarked. "But you know; practice makes perfect. Throwing quick punches is the point of jabbing, which can eventually break your foe's defense."
"I th
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Chrono Cross Fellowship ch11
CHAPTER 11: The Master Explains It All
Cardboards and wires filled this rather silent rectangular room. Only the rumbling sounds of a CPU were audible in this warehouse-like chamber.
Right now, Hachiro was sitting still on the chair in front of his computer desk. With a hand on his chin, he was wondering about an unbelievable issue.
I just can't believe it… Yoshino is being mean to Guile?
If it were not his son telling him about this, he would not have believed it. First of all, Yoshino's father, Jirou Kobayashi, was a huge fan of Guile.
But that was not the biggest problem. Jirou was a compassionate doctor, and it was probably his kind heart that made him empathize with Guile. But why was Yoshino far so different from him?
Thinking of this gave Hachiro a headache. In a fit of rage, he slammed his fists on the plastic desk. "I have to snap Yoshino out of this! Besides, if she remains like this in her life, she can never be a good doctor like her fath
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Chrono Cross Fellowship Draggy :icongmustang94:GMustang94 6 2 Chrono Cross Guile Shirtless :icongmustang94:GMustang94 3 3
Chrono Cross Fellowship ch10
CHAPTER 10: Revelations
"How about playing games?" Pip asked.
Draggy smiled. "Draggy likes that idea!"
Guile stood up and remained silent. Playing would make him unable to watch over Draggy and Pip well.
"Is Guile going to play with us?" Draggy asked, blinking.
Was turning down the request a good idea? Not really, especially rejecting without a proper reason.
At this, Guile thought of asking what game they would be playing. If it were something that did not hinder him from watching over the two critters, he would join them.
"What are you going to play?" Guile asked back.
"Er…" Draggy put a paw on his chin, before looking at Pip. "What game?"
Pip scratched his head. "I don't know…" He turned to Guile. "You have any ideas?"
Guile stroked his chin. He had to think of a game that could let him look after Draggy and Pip without a problem. Maybe a game that could keep them close to him would be great.
Suddenly, Guile thought of an idea. Instead of playing gam
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Chrono Cross Fellowship ch9
CHAPTER 9: Much Ado about Data
The stone hallway was sun-dappled thanks to a few short and narrow openings on the wall. It was still afternoon; devoid of noise, save for the sounds of bickering and leather shoes hitting the ceramic floor.
Apparently, it was Chikara, who was walking along the hallway with his 'talking schoolbag'.
"Hey, Chikara! I hope you aren't lying about taking me to Shinjuku Park tomorrow!" a childlike voice shouted.
"Yeah…" Chikara said, before rising into a higher tone. "And would you mind keeping your mouth shut? I'm sure that you don't want to be caught here, Starky."
"Why are you talking like that?" Starky asked.
"You must know that people are all busy about these monsters!" Chikara yelled. "And now, SHUT UP!"
With that, the area became silent again, except for the noises of a two-legged walking.
It took a minute for Chikara to reach his residence. Knocking on the wooden door, Chikara called out, "Mom! Dad! It's me, Chikara!"
With a c
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Chrono Cross Fellowship ch8
CHAPTER 8: The Growing Monster Incident
Ari thought it was his end as he felt something wet crashed down on his hair. Right now, he believed that it was Draggy's saliva.
Letting tears trickling down from his eyes, Ari cried out, "Don't eat me! Find something else to eat!"
"Why eat Ari?" a childlike voice asked.
Ari lowered his arm and opened his eyes. He could now see Draggy looking at him with tears streaming down his cheeks.
"Draggy scares Ari?" Draggy asked. "Draggy really doesn't want to…"
"Really?" Ari asked several times, his eyes widening in disbelief.
Draggy scooped Ari up with his left hand. "Ari just stays here, okay?"
"Whoa…" Ari's mouth was ajar; Draggy was still friendly even though he had evolved. At this, he was sure that Draggy would listen to him.
Wiping the tears from his eyes with an arm, Ari said, "Draggy, find Skelly! He's trying to kill Guile!"
"Okay." Draggy ran, heading towards the hedge further in front of him.
Ari, who was no
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Chrono Cross Fellowship ch7
CHAPTER 7: A Question of Trust
Draggy woke up. As he opened his eyes, he saw nothing but concrete wall with shades of orange. He did not know what time it was now, but he did feel that he had slept so nicely.
Rising to sitting position, Draggy stretched his back and brought about an audible crack. Stretching was nice, especially after sleeping for quite a long time.
"Draggy has slept enough…" Draggy stood up. "Ari?"
No answer.
"Where's Ari?"
Draggy hunched and brought his snout touching the ground. He walked in circles whilst sniffing. He hoped that he could track Ari down, but he had no clue about it. The smooth stone floor smelled much different from a human boy. Instead of the salty odor of sweat, it only emitted the stench of cement.
Draggy stopped walking and raised his head. He sniffed the air, but nothing smelled like human. The only available scents were stone, iron, and a mixture of something salty, sweet, sour, and bitter…
But wait! Stones and
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Chrono Cross Fellowship ch6
CHAPTER 6: A Clue from the Past
Guile was sitting on a stout branch of a tree. Eyes closed and arms crossed, he wondered if Yoshino were happy without him. As for him, he was glad because he was now free from Yoshino's abusive treatment.
But Yoshino was not mean most of the time. While she often neglected Guile, there were times when she brought him a plate of rice and some salmon fillets. She did not speak much when she did it though.
However, Guile himself had a conflicting thought. If Yoshino were kind towards those two kids and their little friends, that battle would not happen. As a result, Guile could still hope that she would care for him as much as how those two kids cared for Draggy and Starky.
But now, he only remembered the loud "Go away!" she uttered as she left. He would probably never get along well with her again.
It's all her fault! Guile snapped his eyes open, gritting his teeth. He suddenly slammed his right hand into the tree trunk. "I d
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DarkHorse26, one of the co-authors of Fellowship, has figured out how to solve the ISP issues. Now I can update Fellowship at FFnet!

No, chapter 13 is still in-progress, but just as a heads-up that I can access FFnet now.


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